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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The release will be comprised of new tracks, as well as reimagined versions of their classic songs.

Image: Supplied.

Gold Coast duo Bootleg Rascal have announced the release of their third studio album, Sloppy Seconds, due out this October. The collection of songs will be made up of new tracks, as well as eight reimagined versions of tracks from their catalogue.

The first taste of these new versions arrives with Sharks’ (Remix en Español), which was produced by the duo themselves. The remix recontextualizes Sharks into a latin soundscape, built upon flamenco guitar and groove-laden reggaeton beats, with Spanish verses from front man Carlos Lara

“When the world stopped, I started to really think about projects I’ve always wanted to do but never had enough time for. One thing on the bucket list was to have made a record which embraced the whole ‘something old, new, borrowed’ concept,” explains guitarist Jimmy Young.

He continues, “Sublime was a big part of why I first started playing music in the first place and I still regularly reference them as part of the Bootleg creative process. Their album ‘Second-Hand Smoke’ was a huge inspiration in bringing this idea to life. The record was released not long after front man Bradley Nowell’s death and follows a similar concept where it shines a light on remixed and recycled tracks. It really gives another perspective and take on some of their classics, and as a fan that’s something I really enjoy. Here’s hoping our fans feel the same”

The record is also set to feature the previously released singles, All About You, which features Saint Lane, and Therapy which saw the duo team up with Citizen Kay and MAXINE.

Sloppy Seconds is out October 29!


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