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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Legendary Aussie hip-hop trio Bliss n Eso have treated fans with not one, but two new tracks on this fine Friday in Spring! The dual release sees the trio bring their forward thinking hip-hop with the bold sounds that catapulted them to acclaim. Both tracks are distinctly different but fuse together everything we know and love about Bliss n Eso.

So Happy sees the trio take their listeners on a lucid dream. Packed with their signature stellar lyricism atop a synth led soundscape, the big chorus is sure to become a fan favourite. The band enlisted the help of Canadian rapper/singer-songwriter SonReal, who elevates the track to another level. Send It is a throwback to the early days of the trio. The feel-good anthem is full of frantic energy and big production, something the trio are known to bring to their live shows.

The trio shared the following statements on So Happy:

“‘So Happy’ for me is all about those amazing blissful moments in life where you are so exquisitely happy yet something in the back your mind tells you something isn’t quite right. Even though you know this, you don’t care and lose yourself in the moment. “It’s freedom when I’m shot by cupids’ demons because right now, I’m walking on clouds with you like I’m lucid dreaming feel the breeze”.” – Bliss

“For me it was a song I could express my feelings about the joy and excitement of bringing a beautiful child into the world! A song that will forever hold a blueprint to some of the first experiences of being a Dad, a roller coaster ride of emotions with a musical stamp in time... And dedicated to my mother.” – Eso

The release follow up Lighthouse, which features south London singer/songwriter Jake Isaac. The track was the trios first since their 2017’s critically-acclaimed ARIA #1 album Off The Grid.

So Happy / Send It is out now! Listen to the tracks below.


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