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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


His new single, GONE, is out now!

Image: Cara Stricker

Last week, Manchester born, Los Angeles based artist Bipolar Sunshine returned with his new single, GONE. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared his Top 5 Manchester Artists with MILKY!

The musical project of Adio Marchant, Bipolar Sunshine's latest offering is built upon an infectious dembow beat, whilst the musicians warm vocals wrap themselves around you. Marchant says the track conceptually navigates the "challenge of duality. It’s like an inner conversation with self about the lengths we are willing to go through for something or someone that we love so badly, and how far gone we can become in our own minds on this pursuit, as love and infatuation lay side by side.”

The release is accompanied by a mesmerising visual, directed by Cole Daly of Actual Objects. Speaking of the visual, the musician shares: “I feel the duality of real life and the simulation is tested in this film. The blurred lines help to create a visceral neoteric conundrum. It’s like it captures everything but still leaves space for your own illusion.”

Without further adieu, here are Bipolar Sunshine's Top 5 Manchester Artists...


First, Children of Zeus. They are from Manchester and make alternative soul. They are a duo with their in house and everything. I have been a fan of lead singer Tyler Daley from when he dropped his first mixtape that I picked up on CD; me and my brother always played it. Seeing how he and Connie Con have gotten together and created such a solid sound and reputation for this classic approach, and soulful vibes that they create, it's amazing. I always reach out to them to say one day we'll write a song together, but as a fan, I like all their projects. I actually just got their latest album on vinyl because I love what they do and stand for - stronger integrity, powerful message, and generally making sick songs.


Coming out with some bad boy tunes form Manchester, Nina Cobham has this way where she mixes the English with the Spanish. She's from Manchester but can speak Spanish. I love what she does so much that one time I reached out to her to remix one of her songs because she is so incredible and I wanted to be a part of her work. Even from before then though, I would always reach out and tell her how she does incredible things and needs to continue. Recently she dropped an EP, what colour does this feel like? She is a singer songwriter, with a latin infused melody and there is something ethereal about her vocal. She has a style and she sticks with it and the way she puts songs together from a songwriter's perspective, I am fascinated by the way she writes and I admire her work. All her voice and lyrics make up a great melting pot of talent. She has an extremely bright future.


My guy Jazz Purple - we started making music from the jump, when I first started coming out with Bipolar Sunshine, he was a key instrument in that process. As an actual talent, he is one of the most talented people out there doing incredible things production wise, and now he is bringing out some of his own music, which could be an incredible journey. He can do all the tricks, you know? - like a Harlem Globetrotter. He's got the news! He is an incredible artist, and every time I hear a record of his, I can't help but think, oh this sounds great - he is definitely another artist coming out of Manchester that will make waves.


A group called Space Afrika I’ve known about these guys for a long time as they work in the electronic space. There is something electronic and soulful about what they are going for and what they stand for. I really love their aesthetic and the way they go about putting pieces of music and art together, and I am looking forward to seeing what they come out with down the road. The latest song they released called, B£E is a brilliant song, and I am backing them to make a super headway soon. They got an edge which is different from most people in that space, and I am always a big fan of people going their own directions and running with it.


We were in a band together starting out, Kid British, and he's been making very unique, vocal and production work. There are dance, hip hop, reggae, and garage elements in his music and I love his vocal structure. Love the way he puts songs together, and I would be lucky to see him live. Every time he drops something, I want to hear it. He has a spark that once the world hears it, they will rave about it the same way I am.

GONE is out now! Watch the visual below.


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