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Listen to the song below!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based artist Bel Kil has unveiled her debut single, Escaping. The track serves as the first taste of the singers forthcoming EP, My Year, set to arrive later this year.

The musical project of Annabel Kilpatrick, the singers debut introduces us to summer-drenched sonics, built upon dynamic guitar lines and driving organic percussion. The singer re-pitched her guitar to achieve the songs bass line, before recording a real bass line and blending the two together, providing a DIY approach to the songs recording. Kilpatrick's mesmerising vocals float above, as she strives to embrace who she has become.

“Whenever I write I seem to recall events or memories in a sunny or balmy weather scenario, even if I’m reflecting on a sad experience or event.” the singer shares of the songs visual. “I didn’t want to shoot something that felt foreign to me, dishonest or unnatural, so I guess we were forced into coming up with an alternative that felt so fitting and authentic.”

The multi-instrumentalist producer and engineer pivoted away from a career in visual arts, leaning towards her passion for music as a creative output. Having studied Music Production at Collarts University, with hopes of becoming a sound engineer and producer. When a biking accident left damage to the musicians vagus nerve, Kilpatrick became reliant on the right side of her body and was forced to re-learn how to sing.

“The accident made me slow down and appreciate life, realising how lucky I was. It also gave me the confidence to really believe in myself and my music – not compare myself to others and where they are at in life.”

To celebrate the release, Kilpatrick will take to the stage with her band at the LeadBeater on Saturday the 6th of August. Tickets are on sale now!

Escaping is out now!


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