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Watch our interview with Ayesha Madon below!

Australian artist Ayesha Madon has treated us with her brand new single, Fish & Chips. The track serves as the latest offering from the Sydney-based artist, following Outside Of The Party and Goldfish.

Across the track, Madon's playful and dynamic vocals bring vivid and conversational lyricism to life. She documents and explores the juxtaposition between past memories and current reality, with a focus on how things can remain the same whilst everything around it is touched by change. Produced by Dave Hammer, the songs zestful soundscape brings together threads of bedroom-pop with an R&B-inspired vocal performance from Madon.

“I wrote Fish & Chips about a panic attack I had sitting at a lighthouse in Wollongong. It was near where my family used to camp when I was little and going back there was so painfully nostalgic. I remember sitting on the bench by myself with fish and chips, taking a single deep breath and then crying into it (I like to think it was because the chips lacked salt so I was being resourceful).” the singer shares.

“Being there reminded me of how easy and colourful life used to be but simultaneously exacerbated how much I felt it had fallen apart since then and how I had lost control of what I thought my life would be. I felt really lonely and lost and confused about the state of the world, the state of my family, career and myself. But at the same time, all of that was met by this cruel and simple dichotomy of every single part of this place being the exact same since I was a kid. So if I imagined hard enough I could just pretend I was still in 2003 and adulthood was but a mere Tim Burton nightmare sequence. But anyway the fish and chips tasted really good though so whatev…”

Having made her live debut at BIGSOUND in Brisbane last month, the multi-hyphenate artist is no stranger to the stage, with a background in musical theatre and dance. Madon recently won the hearts of viewers across the globe for her portrayal as Amerie in the highly-acclaimed Netflix reboot of Heartbreak High. The series marks the juggernaut streaming services first original series produced by Netflix AU/NZ, and has just been renewed for a second season.

Fish & Chips is out now!


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