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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Gabe Drechsler.

Indie-pop outfit Arlie have treated us one final time for the year with the release of their glistening new single, crashing down. The track is the latest in a string of engaging releases from the band, including poppin and wait a minute.

Arriving hot off the heels of the groups 6-date DIY tour, the shimmering release explores the realisation that everything is temporary and our lives could change at any given moment. Instead of dwelling on the fact, the track places the importance on spending time with loved ones, brought to life by frontman Nathaniel Banks' magnetic vocal performance.

Right now feels like about the right time to be putting this one out. "crashing down" is about this feeling of "everything I've built my sense of security upon might suddenly crumble" and how that can really make you re-evaluate your priorities. The more I internalize the fact that everything I take for granted is temporary (including life itself), the more I consider radically shifting my life choices. It's about how a dream scared me enough to snap me out of taking a lot of things for granted, and enough to make me realize how much I care about being in the physical presence of the people I love most.” frontman Nathaniel Banks shares.

The release arrives alongside a vibrant nostalgia-fuelled visual, starring Banks alongside band mates Adam Lochemes, Carson Lystad, and Ryan Savage. Directed by Gabe Drechsler, the captivating visual is another shining moment from the band, whose visuals never miss.

crashing down is out now! Watch the visual below.


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