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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Boorloo/Perth-based electro pop artist Anna O has unveiled her new single, Set It On Fire. The track is the latest release from the musician, who made her return earlier this year following a three year hiatus with We've Got Time.

Across the track, the singer explores an unfamiliar terrain and mental state whilst searching for new-found autonomy and self-discovery away from the clouds of post-natal depression. Her soothing vocals flow above a subdued soundscape, that allows space for contemplation and to take in the songs introspective and personal lyricism. Set It On Fire is made complete with a sawtooth synth bass, underscoring and cutting through the songs dreamy sonic realm to create a dynamic listening experience.

"It’s no surprise that lyrically it was still about this season of life that I was in the thick of.. post-natal depression, stay at home mum, no understanding or diagnosis yet for me or my boys. Still unmedicated because I was too scared." the singer shares. "One morning at some inhumane hour I lay awake staring into the dark after feeding my baby boy back to sleep. I was agitated and frustrated, but then this sense came over me that I was about to write a song, which is how songwriting tends to work for me."

Set it On Fire is out now!


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