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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The record serves as a soundtrack for the award-winning video game, Life Is Strange.

Image: Daniel Mayne.

Legendary Aussie sibling duo, Angus & Julia Stone have announced their return, with their fourth studio album, Life Is Strange, set to arrive this Friday! The record serves as a soundtrack for the award-winning video game of the same name.

The record is set to mirror themes present throughout the game, navigating the sometimes complex, yet unparalleled bond and love between siblings, the sense of family and strength of community.

“There's always going to be this common thread that runs through all our songs, which is that at the bottom of everything is love,” says Angus. “It always comes back to love, and things coming from within your heart. When all else fails, love will be the thing that conquers.”

The duo have been working on the record for a number of years, whilst also feeding their own respective solo careers. Now, they've reunited to expand their sonic understanding as a duo. “I really like this record because it's a real mix of the old and the new,” Julia says. Both Angus & Julia are talented, distinctive producers, and Life Is Strange is proof, featuring vocal samples and bristling electronics, string-led tracks and funereal dirges, crystal-clear pop and gorgeous, emotive ambience.

She continues, “I can hear how, on this record, we weren't afraid to try, to follow our noses and not to force any direction that it went. It didn't matter that there was a really folky song next to a really dancy song. I can hear it feeling very free.”

Life Is Strange is out August 20!


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