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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The release is accompanied 2-D interactive video game, designed by the musician himself.

Image: Supplied.

Emerging musician Andreww is back with his new single, the enigmatic and entrancing Shadow Love. The release is accompanied an innovative and interactive online video game, which allows users to enter a 2-D world, designed by the musician himself. The multi-sensory experience is the perfect way to take in the latest stellar release from Andreww.

Fusing together dark-pop with grunge-inspired sounds, Shadow Love is built upon heavy, 808 hip-hop beats, with modern trap elements weaved throughout. Grungy guitars flow beneath pop-based vocal melodies, with the singer conceptually exploring the darkness of lusting after things that are ultimately detrimental within his introspective lyricism. Andreww's mesmerising vocals float above the track, whilst taking listeners on an intimate journey, with moments of relatability.

Speaking of the track, Andreww shares: "Shadow Love is basically about loving things that aren’t good for you. A love that lies over you like a shadow. The enjoyment of being reckless and wanting to not know better. It’s not even about a specific person or thing but more a mindset you go into the night with.”

Having modelled and walked for high-fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior, Andreww weaves together the many facets of his creativity to form his own dynamic projects. His thematic and emotive releases provide a refreshing outlook to composing, unshackled by committing to a specific lane, instead creating authentic genre-defying soundscapes to run wild within.

Shadow Love is out now! Listen to the track below and play the Shadow Love Video Game here.


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