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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The song serves as the title track of the duos debut EP!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane duo Alta Falls are ending the year with new music, having recently dropped their debut EP, The Fire.

Continuing their exploration of alt-pop infused sonics, the EP's title track is built upon driving percussion and captivating guitar melodies. Inspired by a tale from frontman Nathanael Hubbard's father where a catastrophic bushfire almost engulfed his family home, the song captures the anxiety and fear felt within life's hardest moments, whilst offering up moments of hope. Hubbard's mesmerising command attention above a simmering soundscape, with vivid lyricism bringing the songs conceptual nature to life.

“The Fire was the first song we recorded for the EP. It was at a time when it felt like the world was imploding – first, the devastating bushfires which were making headlines all over the world, and then the spread of COVID-19 started taking hold. It was an eerie time, and the recording of this song made us reflect on not just the heartache felt by so many, but that even during such adversity there’s hope that shines through.”

Having spent 2020 honing in on their signature sound, Alta Falls took a deep dive exploring the social and global landscapes brought to light by the pandemic and made their debut earlier this year with Take Me Down. The duo joined forces with producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy) and Sebastian Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums across the EP, weaving together a variety of influences putting their own spin on the indie genre whilst bringing melodic hooks and soaring harmonies to the collection of songs.

The Fire is out now!


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