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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Daphne Nguyen

Melbourne musician Allday returns with a new sound on After All This Time.

Moving away from his usual style, the musician has expanded his musical vision, taking inspiration from The Pixies, The Cure and Oasis to create an alt-rock infused soundscape. The guitar-driven track is a welcomed change of pace, made to be blasted on a warm summer night, drenched in feelings of nostalgia. Allday has swapped out rapping for singing, showcasing his versatility whilst also highlighting his songwriting abilities. Produced by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Empire of the Sun, DMA’S), the song premiered on triple j Drive yesterday, with the musician sharing of the release, "It feels so right it can’t be wrong".

The track is the first taste of Allday’s upcoming rock album, which he’s been working away at in secret. “Imagine if for the last year I’d been secretly making a rock album and tomorrow I dropped the first single.” the musician teased in an Instagram post.

The musical project of Tomas Gaynor, Allday released his debut album, Startup Cult, in 2014 to rave reviews. Since then, he’s dropped two more studio albums, 2017’s Speeding and 2019’s Starry Night over the Phone. The releases saw him achieve a Platinum single, 5 x Gold-certified singles and 1 x Gold EP. No stranger to performing live, the musician has performed massive sold-out headline shows and taken to the stage at some of the worlds most iconic festivals.

After All This Time is out now! Watch the lyric video below.


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