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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Steph Verschuren.

Toronto based singer-songwriter Allan Rayman has shared his new single, Rider. The track serves as the first taste of the musicians forthcoming album, ROADHOUSE 2.

Making a subtle return to the nocturnal R&B sonics of his earlier releases, the track explores the affects of fame and takes us deeper into Rayman's alter ego, Mr. Roadhouse. The release arrives alongside an official visual, in which the musician encounters visions of what the future could hold if fame leads him down the darker parts of life. Rayman's hypnotic vocals simmer above spatial and atmospheric production, laced with melancholic and vivid lyricism.

Speaking of the release, Rayman shares: “Together the songs and video tell a story of an artist who creates an alter ego to handle success in the music industry and what happens when you lose yourself in that character. Ultimately the album is by an artist for an artist. It shines light on the negatives that come with this career choice. With an underlying theme that our shortcomings as artists are our strength; makes for good music - real music.”

ROADHOUSE 02 takes its inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut’s classic Slaughterhouse-Five, and documents Rayman's career to date. The record is set to explore the varying options of life and how our choices dictate our future outcomes.

Rider is out now! Watch the visual below.


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