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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jessica Grilli

Ali Barter is back with her conversational new single, You Get In my Way! The song is set to appear on the musicians forthcoming EP, Chocolate Cake.

Bringing her signature relatable lyricism to the track, Barter shifts between spoken word and captivating vocals atop a glistening soundscape. Conceptually, the song serves as a documentation of moments in a relationship that can sometimes feel insufferable, causing one half to feel trapped and claustrophobic.

Barter shares some insight into the track: “I wrote ‘You Get In My Way’ in Nashville in 2019. I was travelling without my husband and had this feeling of freedom to do all the silly things I did when I was single, like eat lolly snakes for dinner, stay up really late watching the Real Housewives or plan an impromptu trip to Brazil. I often have funny conversations with my friends in long term relationships about the dumb things we would do if our partner wasn’t around. Ultimately I don’t want to do these things, but it was fun to explore the feeling of rebelling from the security of a long term relationship.”

The Chocolate Cake EP follows up the singers 2019 album Hello, I’m Doing My Best, and was written across the globe. With writing sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville, Barter returned to Melbourne after the cancellation of her debut US tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where she continued to work on the new collection of songs. She enlisted the help of Harlan Silverman, Lost Boy, K-Flay, Brandon James and constant IRL collaborator Oscar Dawson on the collection of songs.

You Get In My Way is out now! Watch the music video below.


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