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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne musician Alexander Biggs is treating fans to another taste of his upcoming debut album, with the release of his new single, I've Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long.

Recorded and produced by Biggs himself, the song conceptually navigates holding onto your conceived idea of a person after they’ve left, clinging to the essence they leave behind. The musician wrote the song at various locations ranging from a blanket fort hideaways in a noisy city to a suburban kitchen; the lively lounge room of friends of friends to a makeshift bedroom on the lounge floor of his mother’s house. “We were making this all in a lounge room because all the studios were in use. A lot of doors slamming and ruckus from the kitchen seeped into the track in their subtle ways, but all harmoniously with the rhythm and feel.” Biggs shares.

Biggs wrote and recorded the track with Sam Burtt and Will Cuming, finding the collaborative effort to be stimulating for his creative process. "I wrote it with my friends Sam Burtt (Sam Phay) and Will Cuming (LANKS) when I felt, secretly, like someone I cared about had long since checked out, like their spirit fell out of them in the night on their international flight, somewhere over the ocean." Biggs shares of the release. "It’s really something else, for a collaborated song to mean so much to me. It’s something I experienced twice in the making of this record, and something I seldom ever experience in a co-write. I think it’s because I was just there with it, and deep in that feeling and I’m thankful Sam and Will were so accommodating to that and allowed me, and us, to follow it to its end."

Biggs’ debut record Hit or Miss is set to be released in early February, following on from the musicians extensive years of touring with the likes of Julien Baker, Frightened Rabbit & Evan Dando (The Lemonheads).

I've Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long is out now! Listen to the song below.


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