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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single Re-Up is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Last week, Connecticut-based four-piece A Will Away shared their new single Re-Up, ushering in a new era and redefining what it is to be a modern rock band. To celebrate the release, the group have shared their Top 5 Up & Coming Artists with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, the band share: “On a surface level this song is about buying weed in the middle of a tour. Lurking just below the surface though, is a song about pushing through your most challenging moments and waking up every morning with a renewed commitment to your goals and the people you share them with.”

Without further adieu, here are A Will Away's Top 5 Up & Coming Artists...


If you’re into modern alternative or emo music, there’s a very good chance that you’ve already heard of Free Throw, but they most definitely have a top spot on our list. We challenge anyone to hear Two Beers In come on over the venue speakers and not crack a smile. We always enjoy getting to hang with these guys and look forward to watching their continued rise.


Our label mates and very close friends in Sunsleeper are always a band worth mentioning when talking about stellar up-and-comers. Sunsleeper is a band that’s ever evolving and who live and work with a very similar ethos to our own. Every one of their songs is a progression from the last and we cannot wait to hear what they’re cooking up next.


There aren’t a lot of bands who legitimately blow us away on first impressions, but Weakened Friends holds a top spot on our list. With a sound styling that’s catchy as all hell and reminds us of the best of late 90’s and early 2000’s pop rock, Weakened Friends is just an all-around awesome band who are an absolute treat to see live.


When looking for the words to describe Bad Luck, the phrase “balls-to-the-wall” jumps to mind. They’ve been one of our more recent touring partners and a wonderful group of people who we’re happy to call our friends. These guys absolutely bring it every night and leave everything they have on the stage. Any show that they’re a part of is always better for it.


Our guitar player, Manny is also the front man of a band called Palindromes who recently recorded their latest record at our studio, Steadfast Studios here in Naugatuck, CT. The band plays a lot with a variety of different sounds from song-to-song and blend classic tones with modern and catchy song writing to create a really unique brand of Alternative Rock unlike anything else.

Re-Up is out now! Watch the visual below.

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