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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Album and run reviews? Yes please!

Image: Frankie Napier

Today, Melbourne artist Harris is back with his brand new single, Sunbake Cemetery, seeing the musician elements of folk, rock, and synth into one succinct track. To celebrate the release, we asked Harris to review one album a day for MILKY, and aren't we glad we did!

It’s not very rock and roll to run everyday. But I’m pretty sure Liam Gallagher does it. So maybe it is. Almost religiously I do the two same things everyday, I run with my dog and listen to a new record/EP. And I like to combine those activities. I think as a creator, it’s important to consume as much as possible, I think it keeps you fresh.


Run Review

Late morning run. It looked cold outside so I wore a jumper, which I would later regret as I overheated. Keiko, my Australian Shepard and I run anticlockwise around Princes Park. Not many people are around. We don’t see any small white fluffy dogs, which is good because Keiko likes to round them up and if not on her lead, will occasionally put them in her mouth. Fun!

Album Review

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

One of my favourite bands, so I have high expectations. And they don’t disappoint. It could be my favourite one from them. Give me a few weeks and I’ll know. It’s lush and cinematic, meandering then edgy. It’s very very good guitar music. Oh boy, can Ellie Rowsell write a lyric. Pretty good running music.

Favourite track - No Hard Feelings.


Run Review

Afternoon run. I put some la roche posay sunscreen on. That Australian sun get’s you even in winter. No jumper today, I’ve learnt my lesson. Keiko and I run anticlockwise around Princes Park. Keiko makes an unreasonable amount of wee breaks today, so the flow of the run is a bit disrupted. One fluffy dog is spotted today, but only from a safe distance.

Album Review

Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee

The first half of the record contrasts this icy cloudy Melbourne afternoon perfectly. It’s sunny, bright, warm and cheeky. I welcome the juxtaposition. It’s a very mature iteration of the indie dream pop genre, it conjures the songwriting of bands like Grizzly Bear and Beach House. The second half get’s a bit more gloomy and pensive, but I’m here for that too. Very impressed. Pretty relaxed running music.

Favourite track - Paprika.


Run Review

Morning run and it’s bucketing down. I washed my hair last night, so I’m slightly annoyed. Keiko doesn’t mind the rain one bit. We run clockwise around Princes Park. I have to use the public bathroom at one stage, Keiko has to come in with me, just in case there’s a little white dog appearance.

Album Review

black midi - Cavalcade

It’s a little unsettling, it keeps you on your toes, and it’s endlessly evolving. It’s like music composed for the scariest film ever made, and now that about it why don’t more horror films should have experimental post-punk soundtracks. Equally beautiful and terrifying. The masters of controlled chaos. It’s a little challenging to run to!

Favourite track - John L.


Run Review

Night Run. I wore my reflective orange top, safety first. Keiko was a bit lethargic tonight. I think she’d categorise herself as a morning dog. We run clockwise around Princes Park. Too dark to spot any little white dogs.

Album Review

Olivia Rodrigo - Sour

I’m going to be honest with you I wasn’t super taken by the single Drivers License. But I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of this record. I bopped along to the bops, and got a bit teary in the sad ones. It did its job. It’s very good pop writing and production, and it has some (mild) edge. Big Paramore vibes. The lyrics are pretty naff most of the time, but hey, it’s sincere. Can’t knock that. The girl has been hurt. Very fun to run to!

Favourite track - Brutal.


Run Review

Early morning run. Very crisp, I wore my jumper and had no regrets. Keiko spotted another Australian Shepard halfway through, so we stopped and they chatted. We run anti-clockwise around Princes Park. No fluffy white dogs today, it’s been a good week so far. Keiko is on point today. Morning dog theory supported.

Album Review

Armlock - Trust

Okay, I’m cheating on this one, because only three songs have been released. But I just listened to those on repeat. And boy, am I excited for the whole record to come out. Armlock is like if Elliott Smith and Aphex Twin were two different Play-Doh flavours (flavours?), and they accidentally got mashed together, and now you can’t get them apart because they’ve dried a bit. But you know, it really works. Might be getting too esoteric with these now. Anyway, beautiful melodies, weird eerie textures and vague poetic imagery. So up my alley! Surprisingly good to run to!

Favourite track - April.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


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