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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Ancient History Shares a Knowing Smile is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne musician Fletcher Gull has today treated the world with the release of his sophomore EP, Ancient History Shares a Knowing Smile. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things he's learnt about making songs, with a few notes on life in general.

Speaking of the EP, Gull shares: "People have been asking me why I haven’t put any music out in a while. Well why would you want to make music in the first place? The best answer I can come up with is this: I think the reason we make music is to feel less alone. That could be interpreted as the melancholy soul-spewing of a tortured artist - but it’s not. Love and connection are the biggest sources of inspiration in our world. Without others to get closer to there would be no language, sports, art or music."


Old friends are still friends for a reason. Old tricks still work for a reason. Never undervalue the test of time, there is no greater test.


Entertain ideas that feel wrong, uncomfortable or beneath you. Pursue them with keen eyes and continuously readjust your perspective. Don't be so sure your stubborn predispositions will serve your art best - statistically they won't.


Old tape gear is a good substitute for legitimate production skills. It's kinda like slapping on an Instagram filter to circumvent 3 years of photography school.


You have to speak when you have something to say. Not doing so will yield far greater consequences than anything that could come from telling the truth. You have to LISTEN to what others have to say, especially when it is critical of you. You will learn something that you need to know.


Don't be attached to your ideas. They will almost certainly prove insufficient, and will need updating. This is progress. Do not conflate yourself with your ideas, or you will interpret new perspectives as personal attacks, and you will never grow.

Ancient History Shares a Knowing Smile is out now!


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