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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Waking Up is out now!

Image: James Tarbotton.

Sydney's Jerome Blazé has shared his new single, Waking Up, serving as the first taste of his Double A-side release, DAWN. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five emerging artists he believes are destined for big things!

“The song is about Waking Up - literally and metaphorically. Waking up as the light streams through the shutters. Waking up to the outside. Waking to those around you. The original idea was just me throwing a bunch of sounds together into a little sound collage - a beautiful note sung by my friend Krisha Umali, a voice memo of my partner listening to music in the shower taken from my backyard (hence the dogs barking), rosellas frolicing in the school gutters across the street after the rain. Once I found the initial idea, I thought it would be fun to jam over it with my drummer friend Pete Longhurst and bassist Harry Birch. I had only played them 10 seconds of it and they launched into this amazing groove. It was such a good way to inject new life into the original idea.” Blazé shares.

To celebrate the release, the musician will perform a DJ set at The Goods Line Walk in Eora/Sydney this Saturday as part of VIVID, before taking to the stage at The Gasometer Upstairs in Naarm/Melbourne with guests Hannah McKittrick, Sarah Levins & Ruby Gill.

Eora/ Sydney

Sarah’s a one of a kind artist in so many ways. Her voice is totally on another planet which leads to some insanely beautiful melodies. Her sense of songwriting comes so naturally and her instincts have led her down the road of creating some truly unique songs - chordally, structurally, lyrically and melodically. I’m lucky enough to have worked on her upcoming music, and trust me when I say you don’t want to miss it.

Eora/ Sydney

I was first introduced to Zion through my friend Nick Ward and I’ve been a fan ever since. His flow, lyricism and just natural charisma on the mic is the best I’ve heard in Australia. Not to mention his insane knack for production - such an ear for groove and finding amazing samples. That charisma he carries through his recordings also totally comes to life live - man is a born performer. Don’t sleep on Zion!

Bunurong Country/ Inverloch

Hannah’s music is truly unique, at times folky, soulful, intimate and deeply vulnerable and at other times sprawling, encompassing and religious. Her voice is commanding and her poetic lyricism is able to frame things in ways that really make you reconsider what you thought was familiar. To top it off her dynamic musings are often shrouded in beautiful layers of muddy yet detailed instrumentation that wanders some reverb-drenched line between folk, rock/ indie, electronic and jazz. Credits to herself as well as the amazing creative team surrounding her including Theo Carbo and Ollie Cox.

Eora/ Sydney

FRIDAY*sits in such a cool place genre wise, I’m not sure if I know of anyone else in Australia making music like this. His blend of electronic, R&B, pop all infused with the more-than-occasional drum and bass breakdown is so full of joy and a complete lack of care for and sense of the “rules”. I love how far FRIDAY*s artistry extends beyond his music too; his incredible knack for the visual side of things gives his project such a strong sense of identity.

Manchester, UK

Oliver Beards music is like a gentle lullaby confession in folk neo-classical form. ‘Under the Gumtrees’ and ‘Fairlight St’ are my favorites from his debut EP, which lays some stunning groundwork for his music to blossom off. There’s something deeply intimate but also adventurous and playful about Ollie’s music. I just love that piano part in ‘Fairlight St’, moving between time-signatures in a way that makes the music feel like it’s falling over you like water.

Waking Up is out now!


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