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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Mac the Knife below!

Eora/Sydney-based post-punk outfit, Mac the Knife have delivered their long-awaited sophomore EP, In The Shadow Of It All. We caught up with the band to unpack the release, the evolution of their artistry, hitting the road and so much more.

Opening with the blistering in-your-face guitar work of Flee, the track stands apart from the EP’s overall pace, offering a slower cut that builds in anticipation towards the remaining songs. Thematically, Flee explores the anguished feelings of being lost for words, fuelled by a breakdown in communication between two parties. Vocalist Bryn Chapman Parish’s solemn performance commands your attention, and sets the tone for In The Shadow Of It All

The band reflect on friendship dynamics and navigating the ignorance of others on Curb My Bite, whilst finding your own voice and standing up for your own beliefs. The track broadens the bands sonic terrain, with subtle notes of surf-rock in Curtis Van Haasteren’s guitar lines and a dance-leaning opening drum beat. Laced with half-time breaks and an anthemic sing-a-long chorus, the dynamic nature of the songs structure asserts the bands prowess as songwriters and artists.

Driven by ferocious guitar work and riotous percussion, Less Than Familiar delves deeper into the bands established union of post-punk and rock to create a simmering pot of . Parish's menacing vocals loom above, luring you in with compelling melodies and lyricism. Continuing their dissection of complexities of human connection and communication, the track explores the ever-changing flow of life, and how relationships change throughout your twenties.

Produced by Michael Kuhle, Blood Of My Blood is a reckoning with the past in order to lay it to rest and poses the question on whether to accept the pain to move forward, or suppress it. Propulsive rhythms and fierce percussion propel the song forward, before the EP’s closer, Labour In Vain, takes us home. The song is an open letter to the struggles of anxiety, fuelled by the thoughts and opinions imposed on you from outsiders. The release arrives alongside two official remixes, with the band tapping Barley Passable and LLUX to recontextualise Blood Of My Blood and Less Than Familiar into new sonic terrain.

Leaning into Irish post-punk influences across the collection of songs, In The Shadow of It All delivers a more refined palette that introduces darker tones and captures the energy of their live show. They’re bold and resolute with their choices, presenting a fearless approach to creating that waves in influences such as Fontaines D.C., Shame and Nick Cave. At times, Parish’s vocal delivery and phrasing is reminiscent of English luminary David Bowie, with a poetic structure to the songs’ lyricism. 

To celebrate the release, the band will embark on an east coast tour. Kicking off in Wollongong/Dharawal tonight, the run of shows will continue on to Sydney/Gadigal Land this Saturday and Melbourne/Naarm on April 13, before wrapping up in Newcastle/Awabakal Land on April 24. Tickets are on sale now!

Filming: Nelson Clyde and Vasili Papathanasopoulos.

In The Shadow Of It All is out now!


Thursday, 4th April - La La La’s - Wollongong, Dharawal

Saturday, 6th April - Lansdowne Hotel - Sydney, Gadigal Land

Saturday 13th April - Cherry Bar - Melbourne, Naarm

Wednesday 24th April - Hamilton Station Hotel - Newcastle, Awabakal Land


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