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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos.

Model and a former professional Australian rules footballer Tom Derickx has made his foray into music, sharing his debut single, Horror Show.

The guitar-led release introduces us to the indie-rock realm Derickx's music exists within, built upon cascading melodies and driving percussion. Conceptually, the track navigates feelings of uncertainty and isolation within an uneasy world, inspired by the events of the past nineteen months. Introspective and intimate lyricism is brought to life by the musicians mesmerising and distorted vocals, creating a captivating debut release from Derickx.

Speaking of the track, Derickx shared: "This has been a v personal exercise and the writing process was definitely fuelled by my frustration with our leadership or lack thereof in Australia. When I put the pieces of the track together, the song evolved lyrically as I came to terms with lockdown life and being separated from friends and family. Horror Show has a happy ending. This is dedicated to silver linings 🖤"

Horror Show is out now!


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