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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Anne Thu Pham.

Sydney-based artist, Becca Hatch has delivered her sweltering new banger, Bass Keeps Calling. Capturing all the frenzy of a night out, the drum & bass track will have you dancing all night long with its dynamic beats and mesmerising melodies.

“Bass Keeps Calling is a track about a night out in all its chaos," she says. "A crowded space full of sweaty bodies, dancing, singing, and getting dizzy. It almost quite literally is about when you feel the Bass hit in a song and you don’t want to leave. At the time I was really inspired by nights out dancing among friends to good music. The communal experience of a DJ playing a remix of one of your fav songs and the feeling of awe when the drop comes in and everyone is together bouncing to the same beat. I really wanted to make something that reminded me of that feeling. I found myself constantly drawn to events like Hotter Out West, where not only was the music good, the crowd and DJs looked and came from West Sydney like me.”

To celebrate the release, Hatch will hit the stage at Mary’s Underground in Sydney as part of Great Southern Nights on March 21. Tickets are on sale now!

Bass Keeps Calling is out now.


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