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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Ten Hands High's Alexi Buckingham below!

Image: Ciaran Frederick.

London-via-Leeds outfit, Ten Hands High have kicked off phase six of their career with Butterflies at Night. The track serves as the first of four single releases from the band, set to arrive across 2024.

Delivering another polished indie-pop gem, the track brings the bands signature knack for crafting ear-worm melodies fuelled by vibrant guitar lines and frontman Alexi Buckinhgam's captivating vocals. Conversational and relatable lyricism flows throughout, as the song explores a friendship blossoming into a romantic relationship. With each release Ten Hands High continue to hone in on their sound, and with Butterflies at Night they've created their new staple track.

"Yo Milky! Butterflies is a song about the potential of friendship turning into romance 🦋 It’s probably the most quintessentially Ten Hands High song we’ve ever released, a true distillation of our sound :) Hope u lot in Aus like it, Sydney is now our 2nd most popular city in the world! Got to come over soon 🤞🏽" Buckingham shares with MILKY.

Having made their debut in 2019, Ten Hands High have crafted a dynamic sonic palette with their anthemic and relatable songs, pushing sonic boundaries by weaving in subtle threads of alt-pop, RNB, hip-hop. With three EP's [2021's Sweet, 2022's Vienna and 2023's Right Hand Man] under their belt, the band have gone on to sell out shows across UK, landed spins on BBC Radio 1 and reached a growing fanbase across the globe.

Butterflies at Night is out now!


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