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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Matt Hampton

Sydney seven-piece, Sir Archer have served up their latest single, Burning Down. The track follows the release of their 2021 sophomore EP, The Feast, and their single, Just A Taste, which arrived earlier this year.

On the emotive release, the band explore the weight of difficult situations that have a grasp on you, unable to find a way out. Frontman Luke Zancanaro's vocals bring conversational and vulnerable lyricism to life, atop a dynamic soundscape laced with catchy guitar melodies and driving percussion. Building to a hypnotic break heralded by a crunchy guitar solo, the soulful infused tracks weaves in elements of funk and 80's pop to create a textural sonic experience.

“It’s about forcing yourself to change and move out of a situation that you know isn’t great - but sometimes to change is just as difficult as the position you are already in. It’s about the need to push yourself out of your comfort zone” Zancanaro shares.

Guitarist James Black adds, “We tried to get out-of-the-box with guitar sounds on this track. The tone of the solo is the result of many different tricks - it’s really been through the mincer. First, played in with a “wah” pedal and a whammy bar for expression and then re-played through a “talkbox”. It’s basically the blend of 11 herbs and spices!”

To celebrate the release, Sir Archer will return to the stage next month, taking over The Lansdowne Hotel on September 2. Supported by Vast Hill and Jacket Weather, tickets are on sale now!

Burning Down is out now!


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