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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Four-piece Ocean Grove have treated fans to new music, sharing their new track DREAM. The release is accompanied by an official visual and a reimagined cut of SUNNY.

Eagle-eyed fans will spot the song was Originally a hidden track on Flip Phone Fantasy, with the empowering song now officially out in the world. The bold track is laced with feelings of hope and staying optimistic, something that holds deeper meaning in the climate of 2020. DREAM is a call to stay to true to yourself and block out the critics within our lives.

Speaking of the new song, Vocalist Dale Tanner explains: "It feels as though the lyrics have taken on an even deeper relevance when we look back on the stories of life’s fragility that have been making headlines for months. Ultimately it hopes to inspire listeners to stop paying attention to the naysayers and the constant reminders that we’re not good enough and instead to chase those crazy life goals to no end. This song is OG running to the rooftops and shouting loud and clear that time is our greatest commodity and we shouldn’t waste a bloody second of it."

Bassist Twiggy Hunter adds: “Dream was written to empower the listener and instil a sense of don’t-give-a-fuck-ery with a bold, glistening undertone of optimism and hope. We hope listeners can use this song as a form of lifeblood to not give up hope through the times ahead and go on to prosper and thrive in their own individualism.”

Earlier this year, the band released their sophomore record Flip Phone Fantasy which featured the track SUNNY. Today, Ocean Grove shared an official remix of the song, taking on a reimagined acoustic format. The record debuted at #8 ARIA Album Chart, receiving critical acclaim upon its release.

DREAM is out now! Watch the music video below.


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