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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Reagen Butler

Kenyan-New Zealand artist Muroki is back with another breezy cut, sharing his new single Surfin. The track arrives via BENEE’s label, Olive Records.

Set atop his signature reggae infused sonics, the sun-drenched release captures the nomad life of living on the road as a musician, juxtaposing city and coastal living. Muroki‘s smooth and captivating vocals take centre stage, bringing catchy melodies to life that will be stuck in your head all week long.

Muroki was the first artist BENEE signed to Olive Records, after the singer caught the attention of the global hitmaker through his self-released debut, Better or Worse. “I was listening to the track every day at one point. I love his voice so muchhhh – it’s so smooth and soulful. Then I met him at 121 Festival in March. Muroki’s such a sweet and genuine guy, just the sort of artist I’d like to work with,” BENEE explains, adding, “Already I’ve loved being able to connect Muroki with people. I playlist his song whenever I can and played it to Elton John when I met him on his radio show. It is great to bring him out on tour in front of my supporters cos I know they’re gonna love this guy, his band and his music.”


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