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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Sydney indie-rock band Liquid Time took tot the stage ay Waywards in Sydney last night to launch their brand new single, Tomorrow's Problem, which premiered right here on MILKY earlier this month.

Joining in on the fun was Sydney band, Rainbow Riders. Bringing their 'high vibrational' approach to surf rock, the three-piece thread psychedelic influences to their set, with hints of spoken word punk laced throughout. Made up of Shelly Fitzpatrick, Lucas Trevisan and Lucas Cavanagh, the trio crafted a set full of positivity whilst pushing the boundaries of individualism.

Donning matching boiler suits, Liquid Time took to the stage, opening their set with Chardonnay. Bringing their unique approach to indie-rock with danceable moments to their set, the band took the opportunity to test out a handful of new songs, giving audience members a taste of what to expect from Liquid Time in 2021. The dance friendly tunes were made complete with catchy melodies atop guitar heavy, genre-bending soundscapes. Frontman Lewis Miles captivated audience members with his vocal performance, with each band member bringing their impeccable musicianship to the stage. Performing fan favourite About Him and their new single Tomorrow's Problem, the five-piece created an intimate space where each musician was able to showcase their skills, whilst working in unison to create an engaging live show.

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