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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Australian singer and songwriter has shared a beautiful live rendition of his latest single, First Time.

Filmed at St Matthias Church in London, the visual shows the musician performing the song on a candlelit piano, showcasing his smooth and captivating vocals. “First Time looks at the enormous and overwhelming experience of first love and first loss” Salvat says of the track.

The singer is set to release his new EP The Close/ Le Réveil in march 2021. Speaking of the upcoming release, the musician shares: “The Close/ Le Réveil was written in the last week of August in my lounge and produced across the first two weeks of September. The urgency of it was in part a response to the stagnancy of 2020, and in part a response to it being the first time I’ve written music to directly process emotion, rather than reflect upon it after the fact. I essentially wrote my own breakup playlist.

First Time is out now! Watch First Time (Live From St Matthias Church, London) below.


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