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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their debut EP, Volume One, is out later this month!

Image: Gareth Owens

East Coast band Greatest Hits have today shared their latest single, Growler, A Little Bit Of Everyone. Not only have they treated fans with their new single, they’ve also announced the release of their debut EP, Volume One.

With their EP due out later this month, the band bring their lyrical sarcasm to heavier subject matter. This time, the undeniably catchy single focuses on the concept of identity and the idea our personas take on characteristics of the places and people that surround us.

Frontman Ryan shares his thoughts on the track: “This song is about the idea of 'borrowed identity' - Adopting bits and pieces of people/things around us, that we wish we were like, and forming our own jigsaw persona.”

Cooper formed the band as a worldwide collective of friends, with members hailing from Northern England, the South of France, Los Angeles and Nashville. Beginning in Leeds, Cooper collaborated with musician Josh Macyntire (Marmozets/Dream Ceremony), who was staying with the Aussie artist. Enlisting more English musicians, the band put together their debut gig which was quickly followed up with gigs supporting the likes of Halfnoise, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Holy Wave, The Districts. This led to performance slots at festivals such as Live at Leeds, This Must Be the Place, Leeds Emerging.

The band now find themselves in Australia, after having to leave the UK due to visa issues. They stopped over in Nashville and New York, where the band wrote and recorded their debut single. Volume One will feature Greatest Hits’ previously released singles Phil, Slow It Down, Trying and their debut single Mortals.

Growler, A Little Bit Of Everyone is out now! Listen to the song below. Volume One is out September 25.


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