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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Gold-Coast four-piece Girl and Girl have dropped their new banger of a track, Ocean Song.

The track is an introspective tune that navigates themes of rumination and the notion of 'action over thought’. The band bring their usual garage-rock sounds, this time adding a jazz flair.

Lead singer Kai Aubert said of the release, ”For me personally, it’s about over-analyzing every possible situation, the song says spend more time taking action and less time thinking, because thinking will ruin your life, or thinking too much rather”.

Having performed in a number of bands throughout her life, Aunty Liss has teamed up with her nephew Aubert, and his two friends Jayden Williams and Coby Williams to keep 70’s rock sounds alive in Australia! Having released two singles last year, the band have been working away on their debut EP. Last year, the band took home first place at The Green Room Battle of the Bands on the Gold Coast.

Ocean Song is out now!


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