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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Maria Jose Govea

Iconic rock-outfit Garage are back with their seventh studio album No Gods No Masters. Featuring the previously released singles The Men Who Rule The World, No Gods No Masters and Wolves, the albums deluxe edition features covers of classic tracks by David Bowie, Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen along with rare Garbage originals.

"This is a record I was supposed to make,” says frontwoman Shirley Manson. “Lord only knows what the fans will think, but for me, personally, it’s immensely satisfying.”

Produced by the band and their long-time collaborator Billy Bush, the quartet began dreaming up the record in 2018, linking up over the course of two weeks to create the bare bones of the album. Through jamming and experimentation, the band later convened in Los Angeles to record and finalise No Gods No Masters. The bold collection of songs brings politically and socially charged lyricism, commenting on universal themes such as global unrest, climate change, the Me Too movement, sexism and misogyny.

No Gods No Masters is out now!


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