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British pop-star Ellie Goulding has announced the release of her highly anticipated fourth studio album, Brightest Blue. The record, due out July 17th, features 18 tracks split across two sides.

Goulding says Side 1 “acknowledges a complex world where relationships still dictate our happiness and heartbreak and can still be the most painful thing in the world, no matter how enlightened you are”.

Side 2 features the collaborations Goulding has released since late 2018, as well as a new collaboration with Lauv, and "encapsulates my confident, brave and fearless side and features all my recent collaborations.” The album sees Goulding collaborate with a number of writers and producers, including Tobias Jesso Jr., Starsmith, ILYA, serpentwithfeet, Patrick Wimberly (of Chairlift) and Jim Eliot and more.

Goulding recently released the self-directed music video for her latest single Power, which she filmed at home during the global pandemic. Watch the video below!

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