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Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Newcastle indie-rock band Cooks & Bakers took to the stage at Waywards in Sydney over the weekend, taking their debut EP, Out of Touch on the road! Sydney indie-rock outfit Highline joined the three-piece, following the release of their own sophomore EP, Off Track.

Highline's electrifying set opened with Runaway, with standout moments including Staying Sane and Chasing Heaven. The four-piece even took the opportunity to test out some new materiel they've been working on over the past couple of weeks since the release of Off Track. Closing with Busy, Each musician brought their own flair and presence to the performance, but never over powering one another,

Opening with Stay, Cooks and bAKERS had their audience captivated from the moment they stepped on stage. Playing tracks from their debut EP, Out Of Touch and catalogue, the three-piece extended their live band, with the introduction of backing vocalists Emily and Hannah Coles, and guitarist MEMOIIRS. Tracks like When I Fall and Lover Like Her had the crowd bouncing around the dance-floor, with audience members taking advantage of the venues eased restrictions and surfing the crowd. Closing their set with Breath, Cooks & Bakers were met with cries from the crowd for one more song, leaving their audience members wanting more.

Throughout each set, both bands expertly showcased each members individual musicianship prowess, whilst working in unison to create a dynamic set. The night was a unique and charming live experience, with Cooks & Bakers and Highline both engaging with their audience between songs and creating an inviting atmosphere.

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