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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

New Zealand hip-hop due Church & AP have unveiled a Side B of their album AT THY FEET. Documenting and dissecting the psyche of pacific youth, the duo offer their own perspective and represent the voices and thoughts of a new generation. Through powerful lyricism and curated sonics, the pair navigate a number of important topics such as racial profiling and gentrification in their neighbourhoods.

Speaking of the new collection of songs, the duo share: "The theme of this half of the album is definitely more personal to us and what’s going on in our lives right now. I think we’re showing off less in that archetypal 'rapper' way and figuring out what we actually want to say. In saying that, the braggadocio hasn’t stopped. We’re always gonna talk our shit. We were a bit more subliminal with the themes in part one but there’s no smoke and mirrors on Side B. What you see is what you get. That’s been a different process for us but it feels good to just strip things back."

The pair came together as a duo through taking part in local community hall music programs in Auckland’s Mount Roskill and Te Atatu, under the watchful eye of fellow Kiwi hip-hop artists such as Melodownz and Tom Scott and local producer Iron Will.

AT THY FEET SIDE B is out now!


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