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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Mae Hartrick.

Melbourne-based, British electronic artist Brambles has unveiled their glistening new single, Wing, The release arrives alongside an animated visual, created by 3D artists Ida Lissner and Chris Dömeny.

Built upon a shimmering soundscape, glitchy synth work and atmospheric production unfurls beneath sparse and magnetic vocals. Leaning into hyper-pop sonics, the songs driving rhythms bring a playful quality as the artist navigates finding a path in life and finding a driving purpose.

Wing is about being alive without purpose, just going through the motions but then an entity bringing you out of that, showing you how to feel less empty. An emerging playfulness and strength after a period of stagnation.” the singer shares of the track.

Adding of the visual, they say: “I asked one of my favourite 3D artists, Ida Lissner to create the cover art using her beautiful organic style and a concept I have been working on for the album involving mirror realms. I’ve also recently been working with the super talented 3D artist Chris Dömeny on the music video. Together we came up with an idea involving abstract underwater creatures and Y2K-styled alien artifacts. I gave him free rein and he went into a trance for a week to emerge with the final animation”.

Having released their debut album, Charcoal, in 2012, Brambles has spent the past decade experimenting with their sound and leaning into different avenues of their artistry. Their music has featured in media including Netflix, The Norwegian Ballet, Victoria’s Secret and more, with Wing serving as the first taste of the musicians hotly-anticipated sophomore effort.

Wing is out now!


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