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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Ash Lune below!

Ash Lune is showing no signs of slowing down! Having dropped her debut EP last month, Broken Science Experiments, the singer has already followed the release up with her new single, Sugarcoat.

Offering up a new side of her artistry, Lune leans into a more pop-based sonic realm, built atop bopping sonics and polished melodies, conceptually exploring wanting honesty within a relationship, Directed by Ash Lim, he songs visual places the singer in a variety of settings that serve as different dimensions, showing off the different threads of the singers personality.

"Sugarcoat shows a side of me that not many people know exists, which is cool. I wrote this song with Sam de Jong over Zoom, and I was so nervous because I was already a fan of his work and it was overwhelming that he wanted to have a session with me. When we wrote this song, I was in the library/study room of a student accommodation in the city. There was barely any noise so I thought it would be perfect and professional. Now when I look back at that moment, I think about all the students I might've disturbed writing that song. Sugarcoat started off as one song and ended as a whole other song. I like how it started but I loved how it ended," Lune shares of the single.

Across Broken Science Experiments, Lune intricately weaves together alt-pop sonic threads that create an ethereal and captivating listening experience. Inspired by early 2000's luminaries including Death Cab For Cutie and Avril Lavigne, relatable and evocative lyricism runs throughout the release, brought to life by mesmerising and hypnotic melodies that bring a timeless quality.

Sugarcoat is out now!


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