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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Ziggy Ramo below!

Award-winning musician, rapper and producer of Wik and Solomon Islander heritage, Ziggy Ramo has shared his sophomore album, Sugar Coated Lies. We caught up with the musician to chat about the release and more.

Following on from his groundbreaking debut Black Thoughts, the record offers personal insight and reflections on intergenerational trauma, whilst focusing on Australian South Sea Islanders and lived experiences. Having begun writing the album after relocating to Sydney in 2017, Ramo stalled work on the songs to focus on Black Thoughts. The musician then re-visited those early demos late last year following his work on Stan's original series, Black Snow. Inspired by the stories shared on-screen and a phone call from his brother about the collection of songs, Ramo began working on finishing the record with the intention to share it on January 26, a polarising date amongst Australians.

With each track serving as a journal entry, Ramo dissects the deep-rooted transmission and impact of the oppression and trauma of his cultural heritage, further exploring his own mental health, forging a career and personal relationships. He tackles themes of toxic masculinity, self-hate and self-growth through vivid storytelling lyricism laced with vulnerability and intimacy unfurling above textural soundscapes. His effortless lyrical flow and performance simmers above production that calls back to the golden era of hip-hop. Each considered choice builds an engaging sonic realm that swells around Ramo's powerful lyricism and creates a luring listening experience.

Sugar Coated Lies is an extremely successful and nuanced presentation of an artist sharing his own experiences in a way that is more accessible, yet still holds the weight of a life impacted by past generations.

Watch our interview with Ziggy Ramo above

Sugar Coated Lies is out now!


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