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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Land Down Under is out now!

Image: Zealously Zo.

Emerging hip-hop artist Yung Milla has dropped his new single, Land Down Under. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things that make up Land Down Under.

“Land Down Under is a song about my crew, and the town where I grew up. Like a lot of places up here it’s got problems and we get through by sticking together and staying strong, trying to make it out, looking up rather than down.” the musician shares. “Like the song says, I know I’m not perfect. I’m a young man trying to right my wrongs. I’ve still got stuff to deal with, and it ain’t easy to live with that. Here in my land down under it makes me want to head for the top and take my boys with me. We will always look out for each other. We tight.”

He adds of the visual, “I really wanted the film clip to capture this aspect of us - we have each other’s backs, for all time. I know they’ve got mine and I’ve got theirs and that’s the way it is where I come from. Loyalty is our currency and we rich with it.”


What are we without the fam. This includes everyone, my mum, dad, brothers, sista and all bloods but also my boys, my crew, my girl, my mgmt team. These are my family and we stick together. Loyalty is a currency in my world and I always wanna be rich with it. 


What can I say. Without it my life would be less. I love everything about it. The writing, the words, the recording and the performing, especially the performing where I can just go loose and give it my all every single time. I’m lucky cause I’m only 20 so there’s lots of energy to put out there.


I like to keep fit and strong. It helps me get through life more easily and is a non-negotiable for me. I can’t imagine a life without it. 


I work with youth right after they come out of detention centres. They really relate to me because I’m only a couple years older than they are, and I like them have had my troubles with the law. Fortunately for me I’ve avoided the justice system but it’s tough up here in that regard. So I do my best to chose the right way and teach these boys that sometimes the wrong way looks better, easier more fun, but at the end of the day it’s not the right away and only gets them back behind bars. 


Everyday I thrive to do better and my work as an Adventure Therapist where I help others thrive to do better and explore more than the obvious to them helps me. It’s kinda like a cycle, I help them, which helps me, which helps them.

Land Down Under is out now!

Land Down Under is out now!


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