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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their debut album is out later this month!

Image: Brandon Lung

With the release of their debut album just around the corner, pop-punk band Your Truly have shared their new track Funeral Home. The song explores the idea of family coming together after loss, only to go their seperate ways until the next unfortunate situation.

Vocalist Mikaila Delgado wrote the track after her own experiences, "I wrote ‘Funeral Home’ after going to a funeral and realising how odd it is to be in a room of people you’re related to because someone has died," she explains. “I was thinking about how sad it is that you miss the life of someone you have the same blood as and all of a sudden in tragedy everyone suddenly comes together as family yet then won’t talk until the next one."

Funeral Home is the third track the band have released from their upcoming album, joining Composure, Together and Undersize. Combined, the three releases have gained over 750,000 streams. Self Care is set to navigate and unravel the personal and professional highs and lows the band saw in 2019.

Funeral Home is out now! Watch the music video below.


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