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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


OWYH is out now!

Image: BONN Creative.

Melbourne-based electronic-pop artist Xirita has dropped her new single, OWYH, produced by SB90 (KLP, Thandi Phoenix). To celebrate the release, the singer has shared her Top 5 Up and Coming Artists with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, the singer shares: “OWYH is all about respect. Having needs does not make you needy. Expressing your needs shows a whole lot of strength and self-love – because you know yourself well enough to recognize what you actually need and love yourself enough not to settle for less than that.”

Without further adieu, here are Xirita's Top 5 Up and Coming Artists...


I fell in love with Nardean when I first heard her lockdown love song ‘Hung Up’ last year. She posted this little snippet during the writing phase, and I could not wait for it to be released. Nardean writes so eloquently and uses her sass and wit to dissect situations in a comical, accurate way that makes you think. She represents everything I want to stand for as an artist; she shows up to her art in an authentic, creative, and playful way. This woman flicks between spoken word, effortless rap, breathtakingly beautiful melodies and her lyrics – DAMN! All I want to do is learn more about her story through song all day. Nardean is like no one else in the game, and she does so with the humility of a true Goddess.


Elaura is a Chilean Queen. Her voice is this impossible combination of delicately sweet and, oh my god, hella sexy. When she sings, it feels like she’s whispering her sweet nothings directly to you late at night with your head on a pillow while she caresses your soul. Elaura’s live shows are an experience all in itself - she takes the crowd with her on a journey, asking the audience to open their heart and mind while she pours out her love and fills you up. Elaura creates a platform of genu-osity (a genuine generosity) – always lifting those up around her.


Get fucked to anyone who says women can’t do it all. Shahrae writes, produces, mixes, sings and dominates. Shahrae has a distinct sound combining chill guitar melodies with alt-pop hype chorus’. You know instantly you’re listening to a Shahrae song. Her vocals are reminiscent of Billie Eilish, but her chorus’ are hyped like Skrillex – seriously, who does that?! She speaks in scaringly accurate analogies of not prescribing to society’s expectations and applies the same rhythm to her writing style.


LÂLKA’s is an artistry I deeply admire from her sound, style, aesthetic and straight-up boss-bitch energy. She pushes boundaries of electro-pop, hyper-pop and dance tech. Collaborating with some of Aussies best ‘Ninajirachi’ and ‘Donatachi’, LÂLKA is popping off everywhere. She blurs boundaries of genres and writes such a catchy hype chorus’ you can’t help but singing along by the final chorus even if it’s the first time you’re listening to the song!


Like her song Honeysea, Ivoris’ voice is smooth like honey, sweet, wholesome, and endearing. Ivoris’ songs are a hue of dreamy goodness – lullabies of warmth sprinkled with harmonies of the angels. There isn’t an Ivoris song I’ve heard – released or unreleased – I haven’t loved. I met Ivoris on a songwriting camp two years ago and had the privilege of witnessing ‘Let Me In’ (Motaki) and ‘Bruise’ (BANTA.) be written, both released last year. Songs flow out of her effortlessly, capturing unique scenarios and quirky lyrics synced perfectly with the beat.


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