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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Hibernation is out now!

Image: Mads Colvin

Australian artist Woodes has unveiled her new EP, Hibernation. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking us through the EP, track-by-track.

“This is a very pure version of me,” Woodes says. “I was making music with my friend, and I was completely independent. I knew I had to stand behind it with a ‘ride or die’ energy. It felt great when I came out on the other side of everything…She’s coming out of Hibernation into this strong version of herself.”

The singer will be hitting the road later this month, kicking off with a set at Euroa Music Festival on October 21. She'll then continue on to the Sunshine Coast/Kabi Kabi Land, Brisbane/Meanjin, Gold Coast/Yugambeh Land, Newcastle/Mulubinba, Sydney/Eora, Wollongong/Dharawal Land and Canberra/Ngambri, before wrapping up the tour in Northcote Social Club, Melbourne/Naarm. Tickets are on sale now!


A dream I have always had for Woodes is to have my music accompany a film or game trailer or TV theme. As I was writing I would play movies in the background on loop to inspire me to write epic battle scenes, exposition or high energy action sequences. This song was written late one evening, built from industrial sound design. We were on the Sunshine Coast and it was raining hard outside. From that this storm like quest song was created. I really wanted to lean into creating cinematic anthems / songs for film trailers so this EP has been my opportunity to dive in deeper.


This song was written coming out of lockdown, reflecting on the last couple of years and feeling like I was emerging from a cave. I wanted to back myself and take a chance on it. I felt like particularly in Melbourne Australia, where we had some of the strictest lockdowns, everyone took a moment to get back into some kind of rhythm. I found myself being propelled forward, and that led me to LA to live between there and Melbourne. I guess this song was kind of like me processing that leap forward. Which was a massive one, personally.


I wrote this about coercive relationships. I was trying to create a stronger version of myself. I’d found that a few friends had gone through similar experiences with manipulative partners and this song emerged from that. On the bridge I was writing about second chances.


When we wrote War Cry it became apparent that the bridge had strength as its own song. I pulled it out and wrote this, almost like a reprise. It felt like it needed to remain simple. We recorded a couple of different guitars before landing on the right one, and then added cello, played by Danny’s (Harley, The Kite String Tangle) sister Hannah Harley.

Hibernation is out now!


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