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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the Laneway Series, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Kane Hibbered

We've teamed up with Melbourne acoustic-folk three-piece Woodlock to bring you the Laneway Sessions! The series of live performance visuals offers fans an intimate moment with the three-piece, stripping back songs from their vast catalogue and performing reimagined versions exclusively for the series.

Speaking of Feel It Coming, Ezekiel Walters shares with MILKY: Stripping back all the instruments and soundscapes and just sitting back in how the song originally was created has always been something we love to do. It helps get a real appreciation for the lyrics and melody, and Feel It Coming is at its core a is a melody driven song about change and all the feelings that come with it."

"This is a bit of a sarcastic song about when the rose coloured glasses come off and you get to know someone for who they really are. We took a fun approach to this video by playing drums with pens as it suited the vibe of the acoustic recording." Bowen Purcell says of I Think I Know.

Made up of New Zealand brothers Zechariah and Ezekiel Walters, the pair met percussionist Bowen Purcell whilst travelling, with the trio setting up base in Purcell's home of Australia. Since their formation in 2011, Woodluck have released four EPs, Lemons, Labour of Love, Sirens and Collateral. Earlier this year, the group unveiled their debut full-length body of work, The Future of an End.

The Future of an End is out now! Watch Feel It Coming and I Think I Know from the Laneway Sessions above.


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