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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Up Late is back, joining forces with Toronto-based artist Dxrmant for his new single YOU PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL!. The musical project of Max Pasalic, the track follows Up Late's debut EP, Stars.

The tongue in cheek track pokes fun at those clinging to their high school glory days, continuing to act like a teenager and cling to trends just to further their own appearance and social status. Both Pasalic and Dxrmant have previously worked in hardcore bands, now branching out as genre-defying solo acts. Moving away from traditional punk, the musician sees YOU PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL! as the future of the genre. "No guitars, no band, just abrasive and distorted synths and electronics. It’s Mad Max meets Blade Runner, it’s Bring Me The Horizon meets Ashnikko, it’s metal meets pop." Pasalic shares.

Speaking of the collaboration, he notes: "Both growing up in similar environments although living on two different continents, it felt like Dxrmant and I could really connect thematically and build on our own real-world experience living lives vastly different to the status-quo."

Up Late launched early last year by competing in Triple J’s DIY Supergroup competition. Not long after, Up Late shot up the Unearthed charts with their debut single Friends. Taking influence from emo, rock, pop, rap and heavy sonic sounds, the artist navigates the terrain of fusing these differing sounds together. Through fusing Pasalic’s emo-punk and trap backgrounds together, Up Late is filling the gap within the Australian music industry where no other artist seems to be crossing these two genres.

YOU PEAKED IN HIGH SCHOOL!. is out now! Listen to the track below.


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