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Max Pasalic knows no genre. The musical mastermind behind Up Late has today shared his debut EP, STARS. The body of work features the previously released singles Friends, U Left Me On Read, Alone and his collaboration with Hearteyes, the raucous Fuck You.

The release opens with a brand new track, LIKE THIS (v2), Pasalic sets the scene for the genre bending roller coaster that is to follow. Feeling like a Post Malone track navigates the current state of a tacit relationship and the effects it leaves on each indicudial. Laced with rock and emo sensibilities, Pasalic moves between hip-hop inspired vocals to full blown heavy screamo. The only new song on the body of work, Pasalic really did save the best till last.

Teaming up with Hearteyes on Fuck You, the track is a response to rules and routine and wanting to go against the grain. Laced out as a traditional “rock song” the track allows both artists to bring their own signature flair, whilst working in unison to create your new favourite anthem. On Alone, the musician documents his love for his own company. Avoiding the anxiety and pressure that follows public life and the day to day distractions we implement to face reality.

STARS is a documentation of themes relevant to younger generations, with the tongue-in-cheek U Left Me On Read lyrically mirrors a millennial freak out where instead of receiving a response, your message has been left on seen. Through pairing grand and dramatic sonic sounds with relatable day-to-day lyrics, Pasalic speaks to simple ideas that listeners can relate to.

Taking influence from emo, rock, pop, rap and heavy sonic sounds, Up Late navigates the terrain of embedding these differing sounds together. Through fusing Pasalic’s emo-punk and trap backgrounds together, Up Late is filling the gap within the Australian music industry where no other artist seems to be crossing these two genres. And he’s doing it pretty damn well.


STARS is out now! Watch our interview with Up Late below!


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