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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Up Late below!

Resident genre-defying act, Up Late has unveiled his dizzying new single, DIVA. Fusing together notes of rap, hip hop, and hardcore in to one electrifying release, the confessional track acknowledges toxic traits that provide moments of solace, before you come crashing back down, trying to navigate the persona you present to the world, and the side you try to hide. The release arrives alongside an erratic and frenzied visual.

"I often reference my own terrible, and painful moments in Up Late songs. Even if they sound like they’re a broad reference point, most of the time I can pinpoint horrible moments that I want to express, or get past through writing. 'DIVA' is about the contradiction of ‘being your best self’. That colloquial ‘instagram-typecast line’ can be a beautiful sentiment for some, but for the most part (in my opinion) it gives agency and cause to the self-destructive side of your brain." Pasalic says of the release.

"What goes up must come down. I’m conscious that a lot of my teens and early twenties have been spent celebrating, even if there’s nothing to celebrate. That echo chamber that you deserve to be your best self and drink till the early morning becomes a deceptive and contradictory cycle. I’m not sober but I know my limits and I like to be in control. I think now I realise you can have a lot more fun partying when you’re sober, and perhaps I have 'DIVA' to thank for that.”

Up Late launched early last year by competing in Triple J’s DIY Supergroup competition. Not long after, Up Late shot up the Unearthed charts with their debut single Friends. Taking influence from emo, rock, pop, rap and heavy sonic sounds, the artist navigates the terrain of fusing these differing sounds together. Through fusing Pasalic’s emo-punk and trap backgrounds together, Up Late is filling the gap within the Australian music industry where no other artist seems to be crossing these two genres.

Diva is out now! Watch the visual below.


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