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Change You is out now!

Image: Ricardo Gomes.

Singer, Songwriter and producer Trè Samuels has dropped his new single, Change You. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY his favourite Australian artist, detailing the influence Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote has had on his artistry.

Produced by Sean Momberger (Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Gunna, Future, Iggy Azalea, YK Osiris) and co-written by Andre Daleon Powell (FIFTEENAFTER), Samuels' smooth vocals flow above simmering production that weaves together his signature R&B sonic palette with threads of dance influences. Samuels' smooth vocals channel the likes of Usher and The Weeknd, delivering a mesmerising performance that showcases his immeasurable talent.

“For this song, the first vocal take I recorded to the beat was actually the first line you hear - "Taking shots like I need em, penicillin". Funnily enough, I'm allergic to penicillin. But I kept it cos it gave me several directions to take the song. I ended up attaching it to my rollercoaster journey with alcohol and love throughout the time I was stuck in LA over covid lockdown. That was the inspiration behind the words. I had changed into those around me, people I'd never wanted to be, and was shaping others to be the same way.” Samuels shares of the track.

Trè Samuels' Favourite Australian Artist : Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote

Trè & Nai, Apollo Bay Festival, April 2013.

Nai Palm and I shared our first ever performance together at the Toff in Town, 2011. It being the first stage I ever set foot on (age 11), and the first time Hiatus Kaiyote played as a band.

They were obviously all impeccable, but I remember being in awe when it came to Nai... How effortlessly she hit the most abstract notes while also killing it on the guitar. I remember thinking to myself that she was the real deal. A true musical genius.

Until this very day, I'm blessed to call Nai Nai a true friend. Someone who has kept it real and transparent with me in this very fickle industry.

Also... It would be criminal to pick a singular song of Nai’s or the band’s that I love, so I will list 5 of my favourites and why. I have core memories attached to a lot of them.


They all went insanely stupid with this one. For real! The chunky synth lines… the incredible drumming… the intricate pockets Nai sits in. It’s almost as if they’re breathing the music - that’s how effortless it sounds. Second nature to these guys. Beautiful.


I play this song when life gets a little too heavy and I need to find some clarity.

Thankful to have had this song throughout the pandemic... It’s calming, insightful, dreamy, sophisticated… guiding. A must have in your daily playlist.


I used to play this song in my O.G, tangled wire apple headphones, every day in the car ride to high school - It’s soulful, electronic, funky sounds used to make me feel like I was time travelling to a much more beautiful place than a classroom.


“A crossroad is better than a crossfire” - bruh. Need I say more?

This medley starts with that original heat.. one of my favourite lines of all time. To go and then body a rendition of 'So Into You’ by Tamia. Just Nai being Nai. Next level.


The first song I ever heard Nai sing live - It was a perfect performance. Sounded like a dream to my 12 y.o ears.. Nai still does to this day. I remember being amazed by how intricate some of the notes/scales were & how easy she made them look/sound.

Takes me back to summer days - I feel nothing but love when I hear this song.

Trè Samuels & Nai Palm.

Change You is out now!


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