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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the duos solo offerings below!

Image: Jordan Kirk.

Beloved Aussie duo The Veronicas have gone their seperate ways... momentarily. For the first time in 17 years, Jess and Lisa Origliasso have shared solo offerings with the world, in support of Vodka Cruiser’s latest campaign, The Solo Project.

On her track Seeing Stars, Jess takes on the artist name Jessie333 and transports us back the pop-punk sonics of The Veronicas debut album, The Secret Life Of..., whilst celebrating female pleasure. Lisa's jazz-infused ballad, Cruisin’ On My Own, shows a new side to the artist, leaning into a sultry soundscape as she places emphasis on the importance of self-love. The duo have confirmed that the release of solo music does not spark the end for their collaborative music project, The Veronicas.

Seeing Stars is all about exploring the idea of feminine power. By flipping the well-known stereotype of ‘boys and their toys’ on its head, Seeing Stars is a song that reminds us that self-pleasure is for everyone.’ Jess shares.

Lisa adds of her own track, "Everything about the world we are living in today is geared towards being fast-paced and transactional. My song talks about the importance of taking the time to discover the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself. Taking your time to really understand yourself, your needs and to empower yourself through self-care." ‘

The initiative arrives following a recent survey commissioned by Vodka Cruiser, and conducted by T garage Strategy & Research between August 9-15, 2022. With a total of 1000 Australian women aged 18-54 years old were surveyed, the results revealed 72% of participants find masturbation to be fun and healthy, with 7% admitting to feeling ashamed when they masturbate. The results also found 60% believe now is the time for self-pleasure to be normalised, and a third want more people to be talking openly about the topic.

Australian sex and relationship expert, Chantelle Otten says of the initiative, "It is no secret that there is a stigma attached to masturbation for females and femmes. I am looking forward to working closely with The Veronicas and providing advice on female and femme self-pleasure. It is great to see Vodka Cruiser using its platform to build awareness, eliminate shame and create a more open and honest dialogue."

Seeing Stars and Cruisin’ On My Own is out now!


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