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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Dead Eye is out now!

Image: senormakis

Last month, Melbourne rockers The Crookeds their debut EP, Dead Eye. If you're loving the release and want some insight into each track, we've got you covered! The four-piece have treated MILKY, taking us through the EP track by track.

Dead Eye (EP) starts off with Something So Wrong, an upbeat, four-to-the-floor song that builds and grooves around a catchy guitar line. We chose it as the opener because of the big intro riff – not only is it very catchy, but the slow build up ease’s listeners into the EP well. Matt drives the second verse with a catchy, intricate bass line, which I back with a more laid-back groove. The song closes out with an epic vocal line and all of us coming together to play the main riff one last time. Lyrically, the song touches on our current state of life – where we live, lockdowns are the norm and it seems as though we are living in a George Orwell book. Written in the height of Melbourne’s massive 2020 lockdown, Something So Wrong signifies a shift in our sound as a band – it was the first song we wrote after our COVID-induced hiatus and I think it’s a true showcase of our sound and the direction we’re heading in.

Track two is State of Panic, a driving, riff-drenched track that starts with the four of us punching in at once. The verses turn to a slow and sleazy halftime groove, before launching back into the original riff for a catchy chorus. After this, the track strips back to a tense and syncopated guitar line played by Aaron. Leading into the outro, the bass and drums join to create more tension, before breaking into a Tool-esque tom groove, topped out by Sonny’s ethereal vocals. The outro kicks into gear with epic drum fills and guitar solos before ending with five massive chord hits. The song’s lyrics touch on being addicted to someone or something, and how we, as a society crave disorder. State of Panic was the final song we wrote for this release and is the first Crookeds track to utilise the 7-string guitar, played by Aaron.

Next up is Dead Eye. Starting off with an intense riff played by Aaron, he is quickly joined by the rest of the band to launch into a fast, punk rock feel. While keeping the energy up, the verses strip back to allow the vocals to shine. The chorus really shows off Sonny’s vocal chops as he sings in unison with the guitars. Closing out the track is a heavy breakdown riff that grooves hard. The term ‘Dead Eye’ in this case refers to our Mind’s Eye being lifeless and how an individual’s connection to their higher self is diminishing in modern society. While we didn’t know it at the time, I think this track especially, but also the whole EP came at the perfect time. Much of Australia was back in lockdown, and many of us had found ourselves in the same position we were in last year. Even if you separate yourself from the lyrics, it’s always good to blast some rock n roll and let out all your frustrations, so play it loud!

We slow it down for track four, Tell Those Lies. Centred around a single guitar line, this song explores themes of love through Sonny’s beautiful, soft sung melodies. The lyrics are about the emotions we feel when we’re infatuated with someone, and how these feelings often feel surreal. The track ends with soaring vocals and softly fades out, leading to silence before the next track. We had been sitting on this track for some time before we decided to include it in the release. It’s somewhat nerve-wracking for a heavy band like us to include a track as soft and delicate as this, however it was important to us that we show off our diverse musicality and influence. It also provides a nice shift away from the generally heavy nature of the lyrical content, while also adding nice shape and depth to the EP.

Dead Eye’s final track is Lunacy – a song about the crazy world we live in currently, where normalcy has been forgotten, and the air is thick with tension and uncertainty. Starting off with a huge, stand-alone vocal line, this track is an all-guns-blazing finish to the EP. The whole band kick in hard with a powerful and catchy riff, while Sonny repeats the intro vocals, this time layered with dense harmonies that add incredible depth and emotion. Musically, the verses are punchy, while the vocals convey intense emotion. A heartfelt chorus, with a chord-drenched, halftime feel adds to the epic nature of the song. The track closes out with back-to-back guitar solos, and a huge, instrumental finish. Personally, this is my favourite track on the release. It really has a bit of everything that makes up our sound – angelic, belting vocals, dual guitar solos, catchy riffs and epic instrumentals – and I couldn’t think of a better way to close off our debut EP.

Dead Eye is out now! Listen to the release below.


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