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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Newcastle musician The City has shared his new track, Puzzles, serving as the first taste of his forthcoming sophomore EP. As the musical project of Phillip Hanlon, the track serves as the first taste of new music since the release of his debut EP, So Much For Certainty, in April this year.

Opening with nostalgic synths and building to a big indie-rock chorus, Hanlon dissects the breakdown of a relationship atop rich guitar tones. The musicians vocals strengthen throughout the chorus, commanding attention whilst simmering above gripping production from James Osborne. Puzzles could fit right into your favourite 80’s film, serving as a driving track that arrives as the protagonist is preparing to make that big move to win back the love of their life.

Speaking of the track, Hanlon shares: “The track centres around the breakdown of my friend’s marriage, and the many questions that are going around in your head on what you could’ve done better, what you or they didn’t do enough of etc and ultimately not wanting to “fallout” with one another. The track follows the protagonist as they slowly “work it out” and realise that it’s not going to end happily.“

Having worked as a drummer throughout his career, Hanlon stepped up to the mic earlier this year, drawing influence from early 2000s indie acts. Having played guitar since the age of six, the musician has expanded his musical understanding, focusing on his songwriting for the musical project. Hanlon recorded vocals, guitars, bass and drums on the track, with keys and synths from Osborne, additional guitars from Cal Glendenning and backing vocals from Cooks and Bakers frontman Campbell Ross. Whilst the current COVID-19 lockdown has thwarted any touring plans, the musician hopes to hit the road across Australia’s east coast later this year.

The City is out now! Listen to the track below.


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