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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The new edition features Ice Spice on a remix of Karma

Global superstar Taylor Swift continues to bless us with the a new edition of her tenth studio album, Midnights, dubbed The Til Dawn Edition.

Having announced the release earlier this week, the new edition sees the singer enlist emerging rapper Ice Spice on a remix of Karma, serving as Swift's new single. The deliciously devious track compares the singers positive relationship with karma, likening it to a boyfriend, a cat, a queen, a god, the wind blowing through your hair and more, but for others karma is a dreaded thought of how their actions hold consequences. In this, Swift is essentially saying those who have wronged her will have their day when karma catches up to them, whilst she remains unbothered and living life carefree knowing she’s done nothing to meet the same fate as her opposers. The addition of Ice Spice's verse gives the song a fresh zest, and is sure to have you bopping all weekend long.

Alongside the remix, Swift has included the exclusive Target track Hits Different on the new edition, as well as a re-recorded version of Snow On The Beach, which features more vocals from her collaborator, Lana Del Rey. If all this wasn't enough, Swift has also released Midnights: The Late Night Edition, which finds its format as a physical CD that will be made available exclusively at the singers concerts in East Rutherford this weekend. Swift has been breaking records and reached critical acclaim with her latest tour, The Eras Tour, which features tracks from her illustrious career carefully curated into sections to represent each album.

Midnights The Til Dawn Edition is out now!

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