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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Taj Ralph has shared the first single from his debut EP of the same name, Walls 2 Break.

Ralph began working on the track within his bedroom studio before bringing on Melbourne producer Tentendo to work on the track. This collaboration resulted in the lush synths that sweep through the song, over relaxed guitar riffs that drive the song. The reflective release navigates “moving forward and knowing what’s important to me in doing so” Ralph shares.

With a string of releases since he was 16, the singer launched himself with his debut track, Beat The Keeper, which placed him as a finalist in triple j’s Unearthed High in 2017. Fast forward to 2020 and the musician began working on his debut EP. The release sees Ralph hone in on his craft, refining his sound and having a clear direction for the body of work. On the EP, Ralph has a number of collaborations with artists including Alice Ivy, Jim ALXDNR and Golden Vessels, whilst also continuing his collaboration with producer Tentendo, with the EP being mixed by Simon Lam.

Walls 2 Break is out now!


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